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Are you desperate for positive change, but have no idea where to start?

You have this tremendous desire to make massive changes to your life, but you're paralyzed by indecision.  

You don't know what the next move is or what you really want for that matter!  

Right now, you just know deep down that you're meant for something bigger and better. 

You want to do things you're passionate about. You want to experience more freedom and joy. You want to carve your own, unique path in the world. You want to be a true example of a happy life.  

But the more you try to THINK your way out of your current situation, the more confused and overwhelmed you feel. 

Is this right? Is this wrong? Should I do this or that? Should I stay? Should I go? HOW do I fix this? HOW do I get to where I want to go and fast? Where do I go from here? I don't know what to do!

OK, PAUSE and take a deep breath my friend. Right now!

First, let me say, you're in the right place...

Second, I know what you're going through!

I know what it's like to be so impatient for a different life (a better life), yet feeling like you're running on a treadmill– not making any progress.

I used to be miserable at my corporate job. I hated the city I was living in. And I moved in and out of the same relationship for 8 years. I knew I had so much untapped potential, but zero clue what that looked like or how to unleash it.

So I continued my days, hoping things would magically get better, while my soul felt like it was eating away at itself. It was for sure the lowest point of my life. 

I was dying to escape and create a better life, but I had $80,000 in student loan debt, scared to leave my "comfortable" relationship and no clue what the right move was. 

Something needed to change, but I had no idea where to start.  

Until one morning, I woke up and thought to myself (scratch that... BELIEVED HARD) that "I am meant to do something far greater with my life." 

And that belief in myself is what drove me to quit my job on a whim, uproot my life and move 3,000 miles away in search of my potential.  

Books, coaches, motivational speakers- I immersed myself into the world of self-improvement. And through some "hard" coaching and the most amazing tools (that I could not F****** believe we were never taught in school), my entire life began to change.  

It was through self-discovery, learning how to manage my brain and taking massive inspired action that the life I once craved, became my reality.

Since practicing what I now preach, I am obsesed with the work that I do and never dread Monday mornings. I have a beautiful, Joanna Gaines–inspired apartment in my dream city of Los Angeles. And my music producer boyfriend and I, we have one healthy, loving relationship.

This wasn't luck my friend. In fact, when people say that, it's borderline offensive (I'm half joking). But seriously, this wasn't luck. I CREATED this life. And the best part? I'm not a special unicorn. 

No matter how stuck you think YOU are, there is a way to break this funk of yours and create a kick ass life.  

You just need the right tools.  

You need the space (and freedom) to learn about yourself.  

You need some support and accountability.

That's where I come in.

I've taken everything I learned– from my own coaches, thousands of hours of studying (not an exaggeration), and my own roller coaster of a journey– and developed a CLEAR SYSTEM to creating the life you desire...

My life has completely changed!

"7 months ago, I was sitting in a cubicle at a terrible office job that did not challenge or motivate me whatsoever. I absolutely hated my job! With your guidance and practical advice, I was inspired to take massive action toward a better life. Today, I am proud to say that I own a brand-new property, work a much more fulfilling day job and I'm on the path toward running my very own music business full time. Thank you Shaina! Because of your influence, my life has completely changed!"

Kristen Basor, Columbus, Ohio

One of the best decisions I could've made for my future!

"One of the best decisions I could've made for my future! I was having a meltdown at work and hopelessly searching for encouragement when I found Shaina. I was stunned to find so many other people my age who felt the same way: stuck on a predefined, socially acceptable path which is downright miserable. I was tired of waiting for those precious hours each night or on the weekend when I could be free from my cubicle. I knew I had to do something. After completing Find Your Passion in 13 Days, I finally have an exit plan strategy. I'm quitting my corporate job at the end of the month and heading down a new path with renewed hope and optimism."

Megen Theobald, Salt Lake City, Utah

I was hesitant to invest my time and money into this program...

"I felt like I had tried everything. So I was hesitant to invest my time and money into this program, afraid that it wouldn't make a difference. But, I've already pointed other people in Shaina's direction! It's been such a breath of fresh air to have someone offer real solutions and be so supportive. I went from feeling like a failure to discovering my strength again. After reflecting on myself, my life and my goals, I take consistent action to bring my value into the world."

Amanda Meddaugh, Chicago, Illinois

The one and only coaching experience that has actually worked for me!

"Working with Shaina has been the one and only coaching experience that has actually worked for me, because her guidance shows how to make your own choices in a meaningful and present way. Without hesitation, I would recommend her coaching to anyone, and when I tell friends about my experience, I define it as literally, "life-changing". Shaina has taught and passed along tools to understand myself; and from that foundation, I am able to mindfully determine how I want to show up in the world (which has been the best part of her coaching). In turn, I'm making my dreams MY reality. The impossible literally became possible. I never fully realized how passively I was living until she helped me uncover myself. I feel empowered and energetic about all of the great opportunities to come.

LaurieAnn Nicoletti, White Plains, New York

This is for you if:

 ✓ You're tired of settling for mediocre and want to realize your full potential!

✓ You're ready to go ALL IN on yourself, take action and create real change

✓ You want a clear system to joy, freedom and success

✓ You want to get over your self-doubt and confusion and be 100% confident about your path ahead

✓ You want to get paid to do work you love

Here's what you'll learn:

  •  How to take back full control of your life–no matter your circumstances– and get on the right path
  •  The TOOLS to overcome self-doubt and fear as you build your new and improved life
  •  How to create this new life from the truest expression of who you are
  •  How to achieve your biggest goals and dreams as quickly as possible
  •  Your biggest blocks and how to overcome them!

Your Membership Includes:

INSTANT Access to the Recess Portal: Video trainings for every style of learning-video and slides, MP3-s, and transcripts. I'm releasing new trainings all the time and you'll have exclusive access to it all. 

WEEKLY LIVE Coaching where I do group calls and guide you through your biggest obstacles!

Worksheets with all your exercises and action steps laid out!

Q&A Forum. You have 24/7 access to me! Ask me anything.

Audio Library. In this podcast-like section of the site, I cover an array of topics. Just choose an audio lesson, sit back and enjoy the show!

YouTube Class. Study guides and worksheets to my popular videos (this takes listening to my channel to an entirely new level).


You can cancel anytime! Seriously. No worries and we can still be friends on Instagram.

The VIP Premium Package

3 Months of Private Coaching

✓ 12 x 45 minute 1-on-1 Calls

✓ Unlimited personal text and email support

✓ LIFETIME Access to the Recess Portal and Weekly Group Coaching! $10,800 value


Total Investment: $2,400

"Thanks to you my life has changed for good. I'm really grateful for all your work!

Gaelle Debrus, Santiago, Chile

"Every young person should be taking this program and listening to what Shaina has to say."

Jen Csajko, Mattituck, New York

If you love my videos, I can help you take things to the next level.


Videos, Worksheets, Weekly Coaching... oh my!

1. Self-Discovery. Find Your Passion in 13 Days is my most popular program! Learn how to break free from the cookie-cutter mold, carve your own, unqiue path and live life on YOUR terms! My students are Obsessed with a capital "O".

2. Mind-Management. The HOLY GRAIL of creating real change. Learn how to control your brain to work with you, not against you. 

3. Taking Action. The hustle and grind is so yesterday. INSPIRED–(aligned) action is where it's at. Learn how to approach your goals with love and ease to achieve them as quickly as possible!

4. Journaling | Guide to Self-Coaching. Journaling is like going to the gym for your brain. 20-minutes a day will stretch your brain, strengthen your mental and emotional health and change your entire day! I show you step-by-step how to use your journal in between coaching calls to create consistent results.

About Me

I'm Shaina Leis! I'm a Life Coach, Educator and 90's music fan living in sunny Los Angeles. Most days you can find me on my laptop in sweats and a messy bun. Here's the deal: I quit the corporate grind– in lots of debt– to create my dream career and life. BEST DECISION EVER! Now, I teach others how to break free from the wrong path, discover their own truth and create a life they love. It is my mission to teach the important lessons not being taught in our schools today, but that are critical in leading truly happy, successful lives. 


“The best life coach I’ve come across on the internet! Thank you for helping us.” – Magalie Brunelle

“Recess School. Oh My God! This stuff is fantastic. I feel like somebody has read all the self-help books for me and gave me the most manageable steps to follow. Every video is SO GOOD! Thank you for helping me find happiness again in just a few weeks." – Anupreet Kharbanda

"Shaina is the reason I've started my own business and am now my own boss! When I felt stuck, unmotivated and lost about my career choices, she helped me out of that rut. Through her teachings, I was able to sort through my situation, figure out what's most important and discover my passion. Shaina is more than a coach. Talking to her is like talking to a friend who has your best interest at heart. I'm so incredibly grateful. Thank you Shaina!"– Elizabeth Solis  

“If you love Shaina's channel and you're serious about making a change, you've gotta join this program! Since enrolling, I'm much happier, less stressed, excited and full of energy. Having a roadmap to get to where I want to go and who I want to be has been a game changer."” – Caren Saxe

"I was skeptical at first because of a bad experience I had with a career counselor. I didn't want to make another poor investment. But I'm so happy for my decision. It was worth every penny and totally changed my life! The course was my guide to clearing off my debts, making big decisions and discovering my passions. Today, I've completed my financial goals, quit my job and I'm zeroing in on my unique niche. You are simply awesome. Thank you for creating this course. I've already recommended it to my family and friends."– Parijat Rao

"Shaina has challenged me to break through the things that have been holding me back and has provided steadfast support, guidance and encourgament along the way. It's so comforting to have a mentor through this journey."– Caitlin Grant  

"I found myself crying almost every day, working long hours in a toxic environment. Feeling unchallenged at my job and being forced to bury my natural talents caused me to host my own pity party. That is until I found you. You've guided and motivated me to take one step after the other in the right direction. I start a new position in 2 weeks that I'm beyond excited for and now pursuing a long-lost dream of mine. Thank you for all you do Shaina."– Hannah Fredenberg  

"I'm so glad I found you! I felt so completely trapped by my situation. Thanks for broadening my perspctive and pushing the walls back."– Zoe Elisabeth 

"I am so glad I came across Shaina’s inspiring content on YouTube a couple of years ago. I religiously watched her videos each week, and when Shaina offered group coaching calls last year I quickly put my hand up. I wasn’t expecting to get a lot out of a group call, but I was wrong. Shaina has a talent to quickly pinpoint any messy thinking and steer you on a path of self-discovery with simply a few well worded questions. I got so much out of these group calls that when Recess School opened I was probably one of the first to sign up! I came to a career crossroads a year ago, and have been struggling to find my way and take action, however with Shaina’s help and guidance in Recess School I have been making huge progress toward my dream career, and the level of confidence and self-belief I have in myself is continuing to grow stronger every day. Thank you so much Shaina!" - Belinda Retamal

“Breath of fresh air! If you want to hear from the perspective of someone who has experienced the shocking challenges of post-grad life and overcame these challenges, Shaina is the go-to expert on this topic! She's compassionate, kind, down to earth, and hilarious. She'll give you the truth when it comes to the change you need to make in your life to experience success. And she'll make you laugh while doing it! Thank you Shaina for shedding some light on these topics. You are a star, and I am so glad that I found you!” – Francesca Woltanski  

“I am grateful to have found you and your work. You have truly changed my life for the better!” – Sage Gray

Working with Shaina meant wiping the mirror clean, to see more explicitly, more fully and more lovingly me. – Alexandra Booth  

"I read every self-help book and spent years trying to figure out what I was passionate about! And then, I finally found you! And I'm so glad that I did. Now, I not only have clearly defined goals, but I love the person I've become. I feel happy, confident and inspired every day; something that was missing for so long. Because of you and your teachings, I'm actively building my dream career in fashion design and starting my own clothing line."– Sahana Chakraborty  

“I’ve been reborn! I’m writing the book I’ve always wanted to write– finally using my voice and unique talents!” –Harry Croose  

“Shaina Leis sounds like the genius best friend you wish you had. She's given me the inspiration to quit the job that I hate and do work that I'm actually proud of instead of work that just gets me by for now. She's approachable and brilliant without being condescending, and unlike a lot of other coaches, she doesn't pretend that her own life is perfect. Her relatability is unmatched and the world is, quite frankly, lucky to have her.”– Jessica Sager  

“I'm absolutely obsessed with the positivity you bring. You really help motivate us to get up and seize the day! I can't thank you enough for bringing out the good in people, and showing life in a positive way.” – Scott Hall  

“This coaching program has really helped me clean up my thinking. I no longer live on autopilot, but rather objectively analyze my thoughts and decide whether they're beneficial or harmful. Give yourself the gift of connecting to YOU! Reclaim your confidence and discover who you are and what you really want." – Janai Brown  

“Shaina Leis is amazing! I could tell right away that she lives what she advocates. Her content, while directed towards helping Millennials, is helping me as a 44-year-old engineer, who is just starting a career. Everyone who is unhappy in a career choice could benefit from her work. She is the real deal!" – James William  

“If you're someone who struggles to take action toward their goals, you've gotta join this program! I'm a multi-passionate person who let fear and procrastination get the best of me. Since signing up, I'm finally taking real action steps and making things happen! Going from just learning the concepts to applying them has been a game changer." – Veronique Graves  

Do you want to be my next success story?